Worth It?

Published: 2019-07-19
Filmed: 2012-07-05

I make sure that Autumn’s cunt is on fire with nettle stings before fucking her into some great-looking orgasms. Actually there are some orgasms before that, but I think she would characterize them as ‘tricksy’. If I shove fingers into her cunt or asshole to make her come, that conveniently means that orifice will be a little extra open for a bit so I can get at her insides with the nettles better. Right before we fuck, I make a point of pulling her hood back so I can rub a leaf right over her clit, which does seem like it’s pretty awful from her reaction, but then she gets this *amazed* look when I shove my cock into her and start fucking. Apparently these things combine well.

This is another update that I edited into a longer chunk than I would normally, to make sure you can see the gleeful giggling and banter and orgasms interspersed with the screaming and no-ing and crying.

(Incidentally, Autumn said the hardest part of this scene wasn’t the initial intense hurting/burning/itching, but trying to sleep that night with the lingering itch in Very Sensitive Places. So, if you’re thinking “hey that looks like fun!” I would encourage you to a) do some research, and b) do a very small allergy/healing time test beforehand.)

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