“That hole is to be left alone!”

Published: 2020-05-30
Filmed: 2013-02-12
I get off while taunting Autumn about our discovery that she likes Bad Things Happening To Her Peehole. She provides bonus fondling, I go back and forth between slapping and punching her tits, and inducing orgasms by hurting her urethral opening some more with my hands. She’s pretty indignant when she realizes I keep pausing in jerking off in order to make this last longer. By the time I eventually come while watching her hurting her own tits, they’re pretty pink.
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(I had a hard time deciding which horrified, indignant, and/or deeply skeptical expression to use for the thumbnail, and ultimately went kinda low-key. There are some good ones in the teaser, don't miss them.)
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