“No proof!”

Published: 2020-03-25
Filmed: 2013-12-02

Autumn does *not* have orgasms from me poking and fucking her peehole with some fancy plastic toothpicks she brought over for that purpose. One end of them is sharp, the other end is sort of a little brush. There are some pretty serious closeups where you can watch the insides of her cunt clench and move (not in orgasms though) while that’s happening. She’s less conflicted about straight-up enjoying the sharp poking around and inside her asshole, but it’s a good thing there is *no* video proof that she can have an orgasm from having the opening to her urethra fucked with a tiny brush.

No harm resulted, but this is maybe not something to do at home unless you know more about what you’re doing than we did. Also, we just had one camera going and coverage is kind of hit and miss. There’s a bit of very unfortunate autofocus fail near the end of this video that I left in as a bonus, and also as an excuse for one of the worst puns I’ve made on the site.

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