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30 Mar 2021
Letting Hazel control the angle for one last run with the fuckzall then more meat tenderizer.
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15 Jul 2018
Mounting Dolly on a dildo that’s too big for her.
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27 Feb 2018
Kel pushing her ass back onto my cock roughly and painfully, and making some great sounds about it.
12 Feb 2020
Endza earning some spectacular orgasms by asking for extra-painful electricity.
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20 Nov 2015
Autumn and I taking turns being ‘mean’ to the insides of her cunt, with a hairbrush and a narrow plastic paddle.
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04 Feb 2013
Hitting Autumn’s cunt really, really hard.
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29 Sep 2015
Autumn holding her cunt wide open, so I can use a transparent paddle on her insides.
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11 Jun 2019
Autumn screaming and crying and holding herself open for me to sting deep inside her cunt with nettles.
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