Everyone Likes Candy (short #2)

Updated: 2020-12-22
Published: 2013-04-02
Filmed: 2006-03-07

I did a complete re-grade and re-edit of this whole scene from scratch. The parts broke out very differently; there still happened to be five, so I’m matching the new parts to the old by number. I’ll leave the original description at the bottom. There’s also a zipfile of the whole scene’s stills, which I’ve upgraded as well. Extra gold-star bonus: I got Lauren to write up fresh descriptions of what it's like watching these now!


Lauren says:

I’m ragingly jealous of Past Me right now. Zowie. The thing that sets this shoot apart for me is the sheer, outrageous chemistry that’s visible between the two of us. As this clip opens, my knife has made short work of her pretty purple slip and the intensity gets ratcheted up. I used very, very few props in this scene—the whole point was to see how far I could push her using my own body against hers. (Though I did cheat a bit, bringing in the nightstick. Candy, a self-avowed “big ol’ painslut,” processes pain gorgeously, and I gave her plenty to process, with punching, deep-muscle grabs, and more. The tears start flowing at about 08:29.

0:27 preview

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(description of original edit)
Lauren works over Candy pressed against a chainlink fence, using bare hands and sap gloves. Lots of punching and grabbing her chest and shoulders, while they wrestle back and forth. Lauren also does some brief knifeplay which Candy visibly *loves*. Skin grabs on her upper chest bring her to a bit of tears, but she's ready and enthusiastic to keep going.

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