Everyone Likes Candy (short #1)

Updated: 2020-12-22
Published: 2013-03-21
Filmed: 2006-03-07

I did a complete re-grade and re-edit of this whole scene from scratch. The parts broke out very differently; there still happened to be five, so I’m matching the new parts to the old by number. I’ll leave the original description at the bottom. There’s also a zipfile of the whole scene’s stills, which I’ve upgraded as well. Extra gold-star bonus: I got Lauren to write up fresh descriptions of what it's like watching these now!


Lauren says:

Ooooh, this brings back some delightful memories. This was and is my very favorite shoot of all time—the only time in all the shoots we did when I utterly forgot the camera was rolling. 

Looking back, I’m honestly surprised I wasn’t visibly smoldering during the initial interview. I had a MAD crush on Candy, but though we’d known each other from the local scene for years, we’d never played together before. At the risk of losing Meanie Points, I was honestly incredibly nervous beforehand. However, this clip begins right after a VERY hot, off-camera negotiation, where we learned that we kinked on all the same things, and by the time we got underway, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her. We started off with me simply roughing her up hard against a chain-link fence…

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(description of original edit)
Lauren talks with Candy for a bit, then shoves her up against a chainlink fence (which those of you in Seattle may find familiar) to rough her up.The roughing-up parts include punching, slapping, and grabbing with big heavy gloves, bouncing her off the wall, and the start of cutting her slip off with a knife. They've got great chemistry from 'go,' but this was actually the first time they'd played together.

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