Everyone Likes Candy (short #5)

Updated: 2020-12-22
Published: 2013-06-22
Filmed: 2006-03-07

I did a complete re-grade and re-edit of this whole scene from scratch. The parts broke out very differently; there still happened to be five, so I’m matching the new parts to the old by number. I’ll leave the original description at the bottom. There’s also a zipfile of the whole scene’s stills, which I’ve upgraded as well. Extra gold-star bonus: I got Lauren to write up fresh descriptions of what it's like watching these now!


Lauren says:

So much for winding down. This clip opens with the most challenging bondage I had put Candy in yet. I had something in mind for the grand finale, and I wanted to make sure I had unobstructed access to her most intimate areas. With her thigh hiked up at a right angle to her waist, she takes a hard pussy-spanking that ends with more sweet tears. (Important Safety Note: I wouldn’t have tried this position with anyone less experienced than she is, or less communicative; it has the potential to fail unhappily.) The zipper makes another appearance, this time truly signaling the end of the scene—and two tired, happy, Technicolor-haired people.

0:29 preview

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(description of original edit)
Lauren puts a zipper of clothespins all the way from the underside of one of Candy's arms across her breasts and onto the other arm. They then agree that Lauren is going to spank her cunt hard until she says she can't take any more, at which point Lauren will pull the whole zipper off all at once, after which the scene will be done. Candy struggles beautifully with the cunt spanking, trying to last as long as she can. There are then great tears and cuddling and aftercare/interview. Once she's done sobbing, Candy does a great job talking about what the scene was like for her and why it was so great.

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