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23 Dec 2019
Driving Autumn back and forth across the very edge of orgasm with hands, cock, and giant elastic band.
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10 Mar 2020
Being very awful to Autumn’s various tender bits for my extra enjoyment while getting off.
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30 May 2020
Getting myself off while I taunt Autumn about the discovery that she likes things happening to her peehole.
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15 Jul 2020
Autumn trying *so* hard to keep her legs open while I’m hitting her cunt with a meat tenderizer.
22 Apr 2020
Making Endza beg to have her face pushed into her own puddle of come.
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21 Oct 2019
Hazel being (quite reasonably) terrified of me zapping her asshole, but managing to ask for it anyway.
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01 Jan 2022
Autumn masturbating while trying hard not to spill any of my piss.
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25 Feb 2020
Finding out whether Autumn can have an orgasm at the same time she’s being tickled.
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05 Jul 2020
Autumn getting off while being fucked in some mean ways and hitting herself for extra credit.
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03 Dec 2019
Autumn and I cooperating to make her cunt sore and swollen before I fuck it, because internal conflict is hot.
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30 Oct 2019
Autumn and I taking turns beating her cunt with a rubber riot baton.
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