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16 Oct 2014
Interviewing and roughhousing with Candy as warmup for our first time playing together.
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19 Apr 2020
Playfully being mean to Jami, mostly hurting her cunt which is not getting less wet.
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04 Jun 2020
Jami contributing helpful suggestions on ways I can be awful to her tits, then making piteous noises about it.
10 Nov 2021
Autumn coming hard from having her cunt punched and fucked with a ridged steel rod.
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26 Oct 2013
Making Emily light a trail of flash cotton that leads to herself.
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09 Apr 2020
Autumn (and I) warming up to hitting her breasts and cunt with a ridiculously mean paddle *she* picked out to start with.
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29 Jan 2014
Wrestling with Claire Adams to get us both warmed up
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