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12 May 2018
Punching and paddling Dolly's bits, mostly her butt, and her cute reactions as she figures out how to process it.
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21 Oct 2019
Hazel being (quite reasonably) terrified of me zapping her asshole, but managing to ask for it anyway.
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29 Jan 2019
Fucking and slapping and punching Kel’s cunt until she’s a giggling mess of happy and can’t walk. 
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31 May 2018
Dolly and I getting started on some specialized instruction at my highly-fictional-to-the-point-of-not-having-a-name school.
13 Jul 2020
Thoroughly violating Endza’s expectations of what electrified hopscotch involves. 
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11 Oct 2013
Nikki giving me a lap dance that breaks all the rules.
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05 Jul 2018
Warming up Dolly’s brain for things to happen to her butt.
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25 Mar 2019
Dolly loving a belt around her neck, and having more complicated feelings about a boot tread dragged through her cunt.
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13 Oct 2020
Encouraging Jami to process pain via bouncing, despite her nipples being attached to the wall.
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22 Sep 2020
Anchoring Jami’s nipples just a bit above what’s comfortable.
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15 Mar 2019
Beating Kel, mostly on her cunt, with a horsehair flogger while she screams and giggles.
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