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19 Jun 2019
Making Dolly tell me that she’s good in between laying stripes on her butt with a belt.
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24 Apr 2019
Dolly giving wonderful reactions while I’m beating her thighs with belt, bat, boot, and fist.
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14 Aug 2018
Warming up Nina in my new dungeon, which has a remarkably static-inducing floor.
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29 Apr 2020
Nina and I trying out their new straitjacket!
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24 Apr 2020
Keeping Autumn right at the edge of orgasm by alternating assfucking and punching her cunt really hard.
22 Dec 2020
Lauren beats up Candy with a nightstick, then zipties her to a chainlink fence for some fierce slapping, punching, and paddling, most of it on her breasts.
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22 Oct 2017
Fucking past the spot in Kel’s throat that determines whether she can scream when I hurt her or not.
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01 Jan 2018
Kel holding her cunt open for me to slap pretty much as hard as I can, in between fucking.
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16 Apr 2017
Mixing fucking Kel pretty hard, and slapping and punching and pinching her cunt really really hard, while she comes everywhere.
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