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25 Nov 2014
Quiet little Nina comes hard and long.
22 Apr 2020
Tormenting Endza so much with nipple clamps plus vibrator that she’s willing to ask me to use a mallet on her cunt.
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09 Feb 2016
Nina trying out hopscotch version 3 (now with dignity obstacle!).
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25 May 2013
Tony using some ridiculously large clamps and other toys on Jenny Mace's tits.
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02 Nov 2014
Turning up the speed on the vibrator that Nina can’t get away from, giving them the first of many orgasms.
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30 Jul 2020
Hazel and I testing out extra-high frame rates on video of slapping her tits around.
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11 Jun 2014
Poking at Nina’s self-consciousness with naked hopscotch.
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11 Dec 2013
Slapping Emily’s tits and face, which doesn’t turn her on, not one tiny bit, no sir.
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29 Oct 2020
Evolving a scene together with Nina from one ridiculous idea following another.
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07 Oct 2015
Taking advantage of Endza’s predicament to push a cold steel rod into her asshole, then make her come repeatedly.
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12 May 2018
Punching and paddling Dolly's bits, mostly her butt, and her cute reactions as she figures out how to process it.
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25 Mar 2019
Dolly loving a belt around her neck, and having more complicated feelings about a boot tread dragged through her cunt.
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20 Feb 2020
Being mean to Jami’s various sexual bits while we’re waiting for metal to cool.
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