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01 Jan 2016
Nina feeling tired but happy, having their ass fucked with a hot steel rod.
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27 Oct 2016
Using smaller clothespins lets me fit a whole lot of them on Kel’s asshole.
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20 Feb 2020
Being mean to Jami’s various sexual bits while we’re waiting for metal to cool.
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07 Mar 2016
Doing lots of mean things to Nina while their ass is hanging out in a vulnerable state, starting with a huge dildo and a mallet.
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26 Mar 2013
Jenny Mace slapping her own breasts really hard, a lot.
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10 Jan 2015
Nina having many super-intense orgasms from the vibrator they can’t get away from.
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19 Apr 2020
Playfully being mean to Jami, mostly hurting her cunt which is not getting less wet.
04 Aug 2020
Nina and I take turns very thoroughly zapping their insides.
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10 Jul 2020
Hazel doing hopscotch with a bar, then being very easily convinced to try some jumprope.
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23 Sep 2013
Warming up Emily with some stretches and a sharp little metal tool.
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18 Mar 2012
Autumn fondling me while I slap her tits and jerk off.
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08 Aug 2019
Edging Autumn then eventually letting her have some great orgasms, all via impact.
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27 Mar 2012
Autumn sucking my cock while I beat her cunt and asshole red.
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