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05 Aug 2015
Punching Nina’s tits to provide a break from the shock cord karada, then replacing it with an even heavier exercise band to snap into their crotch, then giving orgasms by using my hand on their bruised bits.
16 Oct 2021
Kel screaming and crying after one very hard stroke across her back with a belt.
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24 Jul 2019
Jami cries a lot while being beaten in ways intended to maximize bruising.
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18 Mar 2012
Flogging Rose, presented with side-by-side front and back cameras.
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30 Jul 2018
Keeping Kel’s feet warm with a heating pad while I beat the rest of her with a belt.
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25 Dec 2015
Alternating between serious thud and serious sting, with Nina asking me to switch.
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29 Aug 2016
Syren synchronizing self-breath-play with intense pain with orgasms.