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04 Mar 2014
Keeping Claire Adams motivated for a stress position.
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06 Apr 2022
Paddling Nina’s cunt with an eye toward maximum soreness and swelling.
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29 Jan 2022
Orienting the nipple clamps to pull the other direction, which I should really remember for another scene.
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21 Mar 2013
Hump 2007 ‘Best Hardcore’ winner. Rough manhandling against a chainlink fence, with a zipper finish.
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21 Dec 2018
Figuring out what works for putting Jami into a nice helpless position.
23 Feb 2022
Beating Jami’s sensitive tits, doing some kinda-scary-but-fun breath play, then observing on the state of her cunt after those inputs.
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25 May 2013
Tony using some ridiculously large clamps and other toys on Jenny Mace's tits.
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26 Mar 2013
Jenny Mace slapping her own breasts really hard, a lot.
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10 Jun 2013
Hosing Rose down with water, then punching and slapping her tits.
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07 Sep 2018
Warming up Nina’s brain and body for our flogging scene, using *ahem* totally normal and unexciting tools and patterns.