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18 Feb 2014
Claire Adams struggling with alternating stress position and pushups.
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04 Mar 2014
Keeping Claire Adams motivated for a stress position.
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17 Aug 2013
Autumn trying to come by beating her own cunt and asshole, but losing coordination every time she gets close.
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15 Jul 2020
Autumn trying *so* hard to keep her legs open while I’m hitting her cunt with a meat tenderizer.
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16 Jan 2013
Paddling Lucy’s ass while she screams and gets turned on.
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06 Apr 2022
Paddling Nina’s cunt with an eye toward maximum soreness and swelling.
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27 Oct 2013
Autumn asking very nicely to suck my cock while I whip her cunt and asshole.
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02 Dec 2022
Taking my time to warm up Dolly’s butt for an electrical plug.
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21 Mar 2013
Hump 2007 ‘Best Hardcore’ winner. Rough manhandling against a chainlink fence, with a zipper finish.
30 Aug 2022
Figuring out what works for putting Jami into a nice helpless position.
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